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I have written a letter a day for phaserpacer since he left on 27 September. If you ask me, this has been the most significant event of my daily life.

Reading back through my letters for him, I am now convinced that my life is made up of mundane narratives of observations from my truly boring day. Like today I told him that i ate in cocina juan--i swear if not for the cheesy corn soup, I would not go back to the place as often as I do-- and then Sancho churreria manila--a small café that offers blah desserts-- and then finally to bookay-ukay to buy two books.

See, my life is incredibly dull that i am surprised that i have something to say to him at the end of the day. Though i understand that the stories i tell him are considerably exotic because he does not experience it with me.

To top all this, we send letters and postcards to each other--as if we don't actually talk all day. Sometimes I wonder if I deluded myself into thinking that I am an interesting person but in fact I am actually as dull as brick and clichéd too.

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Post the pile of mail he sends. :) I'd love to see that!

And, I remember when I still had this long-distance thing going, we used to trade clothes too.

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