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One of the things that I dislike most about being a teacher is the notion that teachers are unintelligent.

Perhaps it is in the culture of this country and perhaps many other countries that teachers are uncelebrated, underappreciated, unrewarded, etc. It is this public mindset that I would like to abolish. However, I understand that this task is a mammoth that I cannot take on by myself and it will never be something that I can "cure."

Today, I was faced by a parent who assumes that I am a teacher who does not understand her material, a parent who went on to use words that she assumed I would not understand. This insults me so much because this profession has always been something of a pride for me. I chose this profession because I believe that there is something I can do. Perhaps it is part of a megalomania or a Messianic complex I have yet to be cured of. Or perhaps I am one of the few who still holds on to the idea that there is something I can do in this world and this is it.

My intelligence has always been a good crutch for me when it comes to this business but there will always be a person who will underestimate that intelligence. I try to tell myself that i cannot please everyone or even try to explain myself to everyone but I do not want to seem like I have given up on this; thus I keep having these thoughts to reflect upon, "What must I do? How can I tell her that I am not stupid?"

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I hope you always hang onto your feeling that teachers are valuable, that your intelligence should be lauded and respected. Don't let the disrespect get you down :)

There is a strong sense of disrespect for teachers here in Australia too - but I do understand it partially, as much as I do respect teachers. This is mostly because, here, teaching has now become a pretty easy university course to get into - we have a desperate shortage of teachers, so the government has tried to boost staff numbers by lowering the standards to enter the industry. Which is, of course, the absolute wrong way of going about it - rather than raising incentives to entice skilled, passionate people to teaching, or keep skilled people in, they've just made tried to flood the market with graduates; teaching is now a 'safe' degree - almost anyone can get into it, and Australian universities are largely run as businesses these days (all about making money), so while it's still hard to do well, it's rare for anyone to fail straight out.
I know a lot of people who studied teaching, and they've all told me the same story - most bail on the ideal, the system is too difficult, and nearly impossible to change - they quit teaching, find jobs that pay much more, grant them far better benefits, far more respect, and far less stress. It's a horrible state of affairs.

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant - this is an issue I'm pretty passionate about, because education is so important, and teachers are so important.

Just know that you're there for the right reasons, and know that your students will recognize that in you. Forget everyone else :)

Teaching in this country too has been sort of insulting, in a way. Perhaps it is also because of what you said. This country needs teachers hence they produce as many as they can. The truly intelligent ones then go to other countries and this country is left with the average ones thus producing average children, who are contented with mediocre results.

Hi I am also a teacher (but for college students). I feel sad that there are people who think lowly of teachers. And parents who think that teachers are nannies of their spoiled children.

Aristotle said that “Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.”

Cheer up, hero! Don't give up. :-)

this is robelle mischa s. suarez (ermita pomposa)

the thing is that teachers are the most intelligent people on earth. maybe it's just your pride that is trampled with that, anyway, on with my point, just do your bestest (intended). keep being an idiot (or so the majority says) - what i mean is keep believing that you can still make a change, that you can surpass the things that the past generation have done, keep believing that you can do something. keep believing and hoping and doing those, you'll see even if you're not the "one" there's one of your "seed" that will make it through :D. (I'm an idiot myself too, nakaka-asar maging mag-isa sometimes)

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