September 30th, 2010

MISC drawings of birds


1) JP, my new student, is the new heartthrob in the office. He is the guy from 7-Eleven that everyone is ogling at. I won't notice him most days because I won't need to. But these days of loneliness, I welcome the new faces.

Though this guy merits a story from me because he is interesting. He's 35 years old. Born and bred in the US most his life but studied in De La Salle for college. The office assistant likes him very much. When he walks to the door, I swear I can hear people swoon over him. I hunch my back and continue fantasizing about New Zealand.

2) I welcome the extra hours of work on weekends because it then means that I can take my mind off things. I don't feel too lonely when I talk to students about their lives and school-related problems. Nevermind that I do not really want to relate to so many people just yet.

3) What is distance? Kilometer-measured, 5 hour differences, long distance rates. Distance is just an entity I can deal with. I did not prepare myself for the grief.

4) It's the mornings that are difficult. When all the sadness, anger, denial, confusion rush through me. I cry in the bathroom because I can't form all the words yet.

5) I want to be a wild bird photographer. I want to be able to capture flight.