November 17th, 2010

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The life of Boring Girl

In my daily correspondence with Buccino, I currently dubbed myself as "Boring Girl" because of my typical i-do-nothing-important daily routine. As much as I would like to delude myself into thinking that my life is incredibly interesting, I know better to think so. Most of the time, my typical day would be so uninteresting that I surprise myself that I am able to write something to him every night.

In order for me to write something, I sometimes laboriously relay to him the flavors/concoctions in a restaurant, like a menu or a recipe that he can only read but never consume. I don't know if he finds pleasure in reading these trivial things. It surprises me even more that aside my from emails and snail mails, I have something to tell him through text at least once in every hour or so.

A friend once said that boredom is for the unimaginative and as boring as my day goes, I know very well that I do not want to resign to the lack of imagination.

ON THE OTHER HAND: I know for a fact that some people consider me boring because I hardly open my mouth when I am with them. But it's much more fun hearing other people talk about themselves and their grand ideas of themselves and their lives.