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Out Loud, Like This.

01. I like watching people gratify themselves when they write or when they talk about themselves extensively as if it were a graceful ballet performance we would all enjoy watching. I like knowing that people are conscious of the eyes looking at them. More so, I like seeing them fumble as they make a joke of themselves and assume that when they hear laughter, it is people laughing with them and not at them.

02. Like how I am doing now: I like the grave I dig for myself when I waste words like this.

03. I wonder if there would ever be a time when I would detest the precision of words and language, that time when I would have nothing else to say.

04. I feel like a fraud when I teach students to write in the active voice, to use strong verbs, but I realize that I do not use the language lessons that I force upon them. I like passivity more these days; I feel that I am a joke when I engage in teaching people something that I do not so myself.

05. I like observing clichés, knowing that sometimes I am one myself.
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