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(my friends know that I hate Willie Revillame with a passion)

Sometimes I am convinced that the general population is a masochist of some sort. (In Psychological profiles, these people would be the Feeling types who are merciful versus the Thinking types who prefer to be just.) As much as I do not like to cram my beliefs into people's throats in situations like these, I really truly believe this masochism is globally detrimental.

Recently, Willie Revillame tendered his appeal to ABS-CBN asking the network to release him. Ricky Lo's article is more interesting to read as the journalist paints this idea of Willie Revillame as if the latter is the one who was backhanded by the spat.

Ricky Lo even had a clause implying that this battle is against the upper class versus the lower class, stating that people in the AB social strata are the ones who are bullying Willie to resign via facebook while the CDE social strata (or those who do not own any internet social media, according to the article) are those who perfectly understand the struggle of the entertainment show host.

People went awwwww in pity to the resignation letter of the misunderstood TV host. Soon enough, I imagine, facebook users who "petitioned" for Revillame to resign will say sorrys to Willie as if these people were at fault to begin with, as if Willie were the wronged party for acting such a brat on the show and ultimately threatening his network that he would resign.

While Revillame's resignation letter is truly heartwarming and somewhat seems sincere, but somehow I think he is deluding himself and the public that what he did for Wowowee is not driven by any personal gain. What insults me most about this incident is how Ricky Lo poignantly wrote about how Willie used to sleep on hard floors and that the noontime show host's former poverty is what inspires him to help the poor in the show. How is it helping the poor to dole out money to them like you do with beggars? Is this the mentality that we're supposed to praise and extol?

I understand that am in no position to react to this as I have not truly followed Revillame's show. But those times that I was able to watch the show, it enrages me seeing him ridicule the poor through the feats they have to perform so that he would give them money. It enrages me hearing that he beat up his ex-wife, that he takes in girls to satisfy his masculine pleasure.

But inspite of all this, and I maintain this as perhaps more of a disappointment than an applause, the general public will forgive Willie. They will take him again with all the warmth thinking of him as the proverbial prodigal son. I am not going to be surprised if three years from now, Willie will be back to his antics of making the poor dance like circus bears.

And we would all laugh with him again, as if nothing happened.

I hate Willie with a passion part 1
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