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Almost Profound Thoughts Nos. 1-5*

01. Somebody made me sign a contract that states that I agree to write something everyday. While I do not have the time to actually do that, I suppose it is a welcome challenge to preserve all the almost profound ideas that pass me each day.

02. All the writing that I will do actually just means that I am piling fragments of compelling thoughts and momentous clarities that no audience would read or understand or deconstruct because they are (precisely) too fragmented and dis-contexted.

03. I try to stop myself immediately when I find myself  when I start to envy 25-year olds and their regular "high-paying" jobs, these so-called professionals who fit exactly in the box of "What People Expect You To Be at 25." I bite my tongue knowing that if  say one more envious word, in praise or in criticism against these people, it means that I am just entertaining impatience.

04. Of course, it also means that I do not like to fit in the box of "What People Expect You Not To Be at 25." I will try to stay away from boxes.

05. I will delay gratification, times seven-hundred seventy-seven.

* Partly from Muriel Barbery's The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Please take notice of the music I am listening to; Don't you just love exclamation marks in songs? 
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