apple-eating heathen (thisistheplan) wrote,
apple-eating heathen

Questions On Writing (An Identity Crisis)

In a class that I attended several weeks ago, the instructor said that there are too many photographers in the Philippines. There is a paradox somewhere, if everyone is a photographer, then truly there is no one (who is a photographer).

In a similar sense, if I write ten letters a day, to ten random people informing them that their child/daughter is weak in reasoning and that they need to read more, does it make me a writer?

Let's simplify it then: If I write twenty useless articles I hardly understand, does it mean that I am a writer then? If I do as little as hold a pen and then like the idea of holding a pen, can I claim that I am a writer? If I buy ten different sets of pens and use these pens everyday, does it make me a writer?

What qualifies me to say that I am a writer then? If everybody claims to be writers, then who is truly one?

Who provides me with the proper entitlement to claim that I am a writer if I want to be so?

I think the same goes for all the entitlement we want to attach to our identities, if I buy a guitar, am I immediately a musician? If I buy a camera and take and print some pictures, will I be called a photographer? If I buy a set of paints and paint the walls of my house, am I a painter?

Somebody should award me that entitlement to claim myself as so because I want to be.
Tags: for everyone to see, the pen is mightier
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