apple-eating heathen (thisistheplan) wrote,
apple-eating heathen

My Mother's Body Has Split Into Four

It's been a year.

And I don't think people actually get over heartbreaks of this kind. But things have become bearable for the four of us, my brother and my two sisters.

I guess part of the reason why the year has been less sad than usual are the all the people who serve as pillars who stand by our turbulent lives and brave us through each and every sadness, pain and heartbreak.

I still cannot properly write about my mother or her death. Sometimes I still believe that she is on a long vacation somewhere in Pangasinan.

And hello Gratuitous Picture of the Four of Us:

I am on a bit of hiatus from my LJ, I am still on the verge of moving and I have not decided whether I awnt to keep this journal. :(
Tags: everyday, everything for the family, goliwog and the stroke, picture pictures
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