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What I Have Been Doing

At first, it started off as an imperative force to deal with the sadness of a dear one moving to another country: Write a letter once a day.

This is then the promise that I am determined to keep for as long as We (phaserpacer) are apart.

We have 21 days and so many letters between us that we can publish an anthology of us if we so desire. We can print them and sew them as blankets to warm us. OR!!! By next year, we can print all the letters and stitch in the snail mails and postcards and build a paper bridge from Manila all the way to Auckland.

I wish I can write my way to Auckland. Or fly by paper plane.

I honestly don't know what to do with all the WORDS I wrote and though I write everyday, I still don't see myself improving in the creativity department. It frustrates me so much. (But then, that's another story)

BTW, this livejournal would serve more like as a journal/diary than an advertising/funny blog/whatever blog. I have a well-maintained wordpress for that now. Please unfollow this one because FROM NOW ON, it's going to be personal. :)</b.
Tags: for everyone to see, man from my future, the pen is mightier
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