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One of the things that I dislike most about being a teacher is the notion that teachers are unintelligent.

Perhaps it is in the culture of this country and perhaps many other countries that teachers are uncelebrated, underappreciated, unrewarded, etc. It is this public mindset that I would like to abolish. However, I understand that this task is a mammoth that I cannot take on by myself and it will never be something that I can "cure."

Today, I was faced by a parent who assumes that I am a teacher who does not understand her material, a parent who went on to use words that she assumed I would not understand. This insults me so much because this profession has always been something of a pride for me. I chose this profession because I believe that there is something I can do. Perhaps it is part of a megalomania or a Messianic complex I have yet to be cured of. Or perhaps I am one of the few who still holds on to the idea that there is something I can do in this world and this is it.

My intelligence has always been a good crutch for me when it comes to this business but there will always be a person who will underestimate that intelligence. I try to tell myself that i cannot please everyone or even try to explain myself to everyone but I do not want to seem like I have given up on this; thus I keep having these thoughts to reflect upon, "What must I do? How can I tell her that I am not stupid?"
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